Job Tracking System for plumbers

Cost effective

By using an on-line system we are able to offer you a Job Tracking system that has a wealth of features yet is very affordable.

With our pricing we have kept in mind the sole trader that, next to managing the jobs, also does the hard work and actually performs the job itself.
For those we offer the MOBILE ACCESS subscription (single user) for a very low price (See MOBILE ACCESS pricing).

For companies that have multiple staff doing the jobs, we offer the MULTI USER subscription which allows employees to be added (unlimited, fair use policy) and to access the system. And for a price that is only about double the single user access pricing you will be in for a very good deal.
This does not include MOBILE ACCESS but allows staff to access the system using a computer and complete their time-sheets. This can be done from the office but also from their home computer or any computer with proper Internet access.

With the FULL PACKAGE subscription you will benefit from both MOBILE ACCESS and MULTI USER access which will make processing your jobs easy and fast.
The pricing for this is only about 3 times a single user system pricing but can be accessed by unlimited users (fair use policy), so you don’t have to worry about adding new staff to the system.

Check out the PRICING overview and the feature comparison table for detailed pricing information.

Job Tracking System for plumbers

Easy to use

The Job Card Tracking process is as simple as 1-2-3. Create a Job Card/Order Booking whenever you receive a job request. Assign an employee to the Job Card which will then become available if the employee logs into the system.

The employee can easily track time (and materials) they spent on the job using the on-line Mobile (web) app by simply starting and stopping a timer.

Back in the office the recorded time automatically fills in the employee’s work time-sheet which after approval is transferred to the Job Costing. Adding additional costing such as materials to the Job Costing is easy using the built-in inventory management system that is automatically updated.

Now simply create the invoice (into Xero) and and you’re done, ready to receive payment.

Job Tracking System for handymans

Happy clients

How frustrating it is when you can not find a Job Card that was created to do a job for your important client that you have on the phone right now!

What if you just have to type in the client’s name and date range to pull up all Job Cards for that client during that period. You will have all the information at hand in no time? No more wasting time having the client to wait for you while searching through months or years of Job Cards. This will immediately promote your business as being very responsive and providing the accurate information. Such image of the business says much more than hundreds of expensive advertisement in local newspapers.

Keeping it together

By keeping all information related to a job (expenses, timesheets, anything) together with the Job Card you only have to look in one place when it comes to creating the invoice for the job.

This will reduce the actual cost of creating the invoice and prevents missing out on costs made on a job. In the end you will see the huge benefits of using a more centralised system to organise your business process.