How can I delete Old emplyees

(Old) employees can not be deleted once they are linked to Job Cards, Time Sheets and such.

You can however completely disable access to the system by removing all their user rights, this will also assure that they do not appear on the Employee selection lists.

How to integrate with Sage One Pastel accounting (SA)

The system links with Sage One Pastel Online (

In the Job Tracking System settings (at the top) you first select [Sage Pastel Integration] and click [SAVE] at the bottom (see below).

(Sage One Pastel) System accounts integration settings

Save settings

Once saved, you will find the integration part at the bottom of the settings, here you first click [CONNECT TO SAGE PASTEL],

Connect to Sage One Pastel

and enter username and password of your Sage Pastel Login.

Enter username and password for Sage One Pastel

After that you can retrieve Contacts and Inventory from the Sage Pastel system.

Retrieve data from Sage One Pastel


This will also enable  saving invoices to Sage Pastel.


Can your system create quotes?

Yes, our system does support a simple way of quoting for jobs.

Even though our main goal of the system is to make the processing of jobs as easy as possible, we have built in an easy way to create a Job Card as a quote which can be transferred into a normal job once accepted. Please refer to Job quoting for more information.

What actually gets integrated into Xero?

At this stage our Job Tracking system integrates with Xero for retrieving all contacts and inventory items and to post AR invoices into Xero.

We are, however, looking into extending the integration with transferring time-sheet data (for payroll purposes) and Purchase Orders into Xero.