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Some answers are obvious, others are different from what other providers do because we like it this way.

If in doubt or having difficulties finding the answer to your questions, please either use the search function at the top or simply drop us a line using the Contact US page.

How can I delete Old emplyees

(Old) employees can not be deleted once they are linked to Job Cards, Time Sheets and such. You can however […]

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How to integrate with Sage One Pastel accounting (SA)

The system links with Sage One Pastel Online ( In the Job Tracking System settings (at the top) you first […]

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Can your system create quotes?

Yes, our system does support a simple way of quoting for jobs. Even though our main goal of the system […]

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What actually gets integrated into Xero?

At this stage our Job Tracking system integrates with Xero for retrieving all contacts and inventory items and to post […]

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On the Jobs Overview report there is a column Overhead, where does this get populated from?

The overhead amounts are retrieved from costings that are marked and non-billable (see job costing for more information). In other […]

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Can I add photos using my mobile?

Yes, using the Mobile (web) app (available for the MOBILE ACCESS and FULL subscriptions) it is possible to use your mobile […]

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Can I customise the system?

For all users with a paid subscription you can change the system colours to suit your business, set your own […]

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How many users does the system support?

Multiple users are only available for the MULTI USER and FULL subscription system. However, when multiple users are enabled, there […]

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