Tazmin Read

/ Autolectronix

- SOUTH AFRICA - I would like to say how absolutely blown away I am by your software. I have gone through over 11 packages to support our staff in our electronics business and I have never come across something so easy to use and yet so effective. I really really commend the team who built it.

Joleen Town

Administrator / M.J. Robertson Plumbers

- NEW ZEALAND - We love the Job Card Tracking system as we have everything in one place, we write up all our job cards, data entry for time sheets and Invoicing.

The old way we have two different systems, we had job card tracking just for writing up job cards and then we would used a different system to enter time sheets and invoicing. The old time sheet and invoicing system was very time consuming as there were a few steps just to enter time sheets and you had to double check everything, the same applied for Invoicing and because we did this daily it was very time consuming.

Now we just have everything in one place, all very simple, easy and quick. Job Card Tracking and Xero work together so for Invoicing this makes things very easy, when you are ready to Invoice from Job Card Tracking, it will give it a number and flick it over to Xero and it is ready in drafts waiting to be invoiced!

By having Job Card Tracking we are saving atleast 2-3 hours a week.

Jason Cadogan

ELECTRICAL ENGINEER / DIRECTOR / Jace electrical services

- NEW ZEALAND - We had been looking at a few of what is out there and decided to trial this one as would suit or company the best. we are a Canterbury based electrical company and needed to get our job system online to meet growing demand in our servicing and contracting areas. We sat down with A-Vision and had a chat, they were very approachable dealing with a person direct was great as we could have a few things tweaked to suit us. Now that we are fully using the system our team in the field have found it very easy to use it is very user friendly and does it very well. the office staff have already cut their invoice time in half. We have MYOB (account right) online, and it integrates well with job tracking. A well balanced system, saving time, any issues you encounter or have a question on anything a vision are quick to respond and also if you think something could be added they will listen, we asked for a health and safety job pre-start sheet and one was built and on offer through the job tracker within a week, with ongoing tweaks it is evolving very well. I should also mention for what the system is worth to run is very good value.

Dino Tarca

Dino Tarca

Electrical Engineer / D & T Electrical Service

- AUSTRALIA - Prior to starting up with A-Vision's Job Tracking system I looked at a number of systems, all which I found to be over complicated. I was looking for a simple user friendly cost effective package which I found with this product and have not looked back since. Our first Job was entered in on 19/5/2012, we are now up to Job# 1068 3 years later. The final upside to A-Vision's team is their respond time to any issue with the software, as with any software you come across glitches from time to time. A quick email to the team, problem sorted within a couple of hrs. Great Job Guys

30Kw solar system installation

Harvey King

Electrical Engineer / New City Electrical Ltd

- NEW ZEALAND - There are many things that I like about the system. I think the most important feature is how one can navigate from one thing to another.
This system is most suitable for all tradesmen.

 John Gleeson

John Gleeson

Director / FYS Air Conditioning

- AUSTRALIA - I must say that since we started using it, it has made things much easier to manage and has also impressed our clients. From their perspective it gives a professional image when they see the app being used during a job and they sign the sheet at the end.

Client (New Zealand)

Great to deal with, providing solutions that work with great support.

Client (Australia)

A-Vision does what it says and delivers a great project. Honesty, integrity and a great job summarises A-Vision.

Client (New Zealand)

A-Vision / WebSoftware provides an excellent service, from concept to final integration.

Client (Australia - Adelaide)

Service is excellent.
A-Vision has been fantastic in their effort to help us implement this software to suit our needs.
Great job.