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Make your life easier and less stressful!

More and more plumber and electrician contractors as well as other tradesman are realising that having a paper based Job Card system can cause a lot of grief, especially when it comes to quoting, invoicing and searching through a large pile of paperwork to find that single Job Card the client is questioning about. This is where the Job Tracking System comes to the rescue to make your life so much easier and less stressful. Never lose your cool!

All job information from a single place

Are you still using an Excel sheet for managing your Job Costing? Do you still have stack-loads of paper documents related to a Job? Finding the right information related to a job can sometimes be very hard. Would it not be easier to have all information related to a job accessible from one single place?
With the A-Vision Job Costing Tracking system you can make that happen.
So, if you are looking for job card software for tradesman like electricians and plumbers, then YES you need this software!

Streamline your job processing

The A-Vision Job Tracking system will give you the ability to manage your jobs in an easy way.
It offers Job Card information with status, job details and client details as well as time-sheet (time tracking), job costing and inventory management.
Taking all this you can do invoicing integrated with the XERO online accounting system and reporting with export capabilities. Using the A-Vision Job Card Tracking system V2 will make sure you do not have to forget invoicing all costs made on a certain job.

Make working fun again

The Job Card process is as simple as 1-2-3. Create a Job Card/Order Booking whenever you receive a job request. Assign an employee to the Job Card which will then become available if the employee logs into the system.
click image to enlarge The employee easily track time they spent on the job using the on-line Mobile Web-app by simply starting and stopping the timer.
Back in the office the recorded time automatically fills in the employee's work time-sheet which after approval is transferred to the Job Costing. Adding additional costing such as materials to the Job Costing is easy using the built-in inventory management system that is automatically updated.

The job process workflow

Job process workflow, jobcard to invoice
From the Job costing invoices can be generated so that nothing will be missed out on. The integration with XERO on-line accounting makes sure the invoices will be processed by accounts. Or alternatively print the created PDF invoice.

There is a full featured on-line DEMO of the Hosted Job Costing Tracking system available, give it a try.