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Job Management System

Maximum benefit using the Job Tracking system

Our Job Card Tracking software system will allow you to organise your jobs instantly and reduce stress, while at the same time your employees and customers will be happier.

Cost effective Job Tracking

Cost effective Job Tracking

Our system is very affordable and won't let you down with a major investment. Pay monthly, cancel any time.

No surprises

No surprises

Record all your time and materials spent on the job and invoice accurately, avoiding any surprises. Export to Xero, Sage, CSV ...

Easy repeat jobs

Easy repeat jobs

Mark jobs as "recurring" and get notified when it is due.

You'll never have to miss another important maintenance job.

Lots of features

Lots of features

With the many features of our system, you have found a treasure. Do you miss a feature? Let us know, we are still working on improving the system.

Easy to use Job Tracking

Make job tracking fun again

The Job Card Tracking process is as simple as 1-2-3. Create a Job Card/Order Booking whenever you receive a job request. By assigning an employee to the Job Card, the employee will be able to use it when logging into the system (on desktop or mobile device).

The employee can easily track the time (and materials) they spent on the job using the Mobile (web) app by simply starting and stopping a timer.

Back in the office the recorded time automatically is available on the employee’s work time-sheet, which, after approval, is transferred to the Job Costing. Adding additional costing such as materials to the Job Costing is easy using the built-in inventory management system that is automatically updated.

Now simply create the invoice (into Xero/MyOB/…) and you’re done, ready to receive payment.

Everything in one place

Job details, customer details, job report ...

How often do you have to look in different places to find information about a job?

With the Job tracking system, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips instantly.

Why wait? No credit card needed!

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It saves time

more than you might think

We already knew that it easily saves time, even so much that it is beneficial for a one-man band.

But we wanted to know how much time it actually saved, so we asked our clients, and this is what they came back with-

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Our Job Work Tracking & Costing software system will allow you to organise your work instantly and reduce stress while at the same time your employees and customers become happier. Quick return on investment.