Repeat jobs

With repeat jobs, you can easily schedule your maintenance job so you never forget about it.

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Xero integration

Integrate with Xero for Contact and Inventory items retrieval, as well as Invoice uploading.

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Health & Safety

With the Health & Safety feature, you can use your mobile device to complete a checklist (report) and report incidents.

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The office staff have already cut their invoice time in half.

 Jace Electrical Services Ltd

For all trades

From one of our clients – There are many things that I like about the system. I think the most important feature is how one can navigate from one thing to another.

This system is most suitable for all tradesmen.


Electrician Job Tracking System

Disconnect the power before working on electricity.

A shocking experience with the Job Tracking System is already enough.


Job Card Software for plumbers

Turn the main water tap off when placing a bassinet.

A flood of feature in the Job Tracking System is all you need.


Tradesmen maintenance job management

Is there something a handyman can’t do?

The Job Tracking System is handy for sure.


Job tracking system for glaziers

Don’t throw stones at a glazier’s work.

Breaking the Job Tracking System is not that easy though.

during the last 30 days


job cards

created by clients


timesheet weeks

recorded for employees


materials and expenses

added to job cards



created for jobs

and counting...

Just a word from a few of our clients

D & T Electrical Service

D & T Electrical Service

Prior to starting up with A-Vision's Job Tracking system, I looked at a number of systems, all of which I found to be over complicated. I was looking for a simple user-friendly cost-effective package which I found with this product and have not looked back since.
Our first Job was entered in on 19/5/2012, we are now up to Job# 1068 3 years later.

The final upside to A-Vision's team is their response time to any issue with the software, as with any software you come across glitches from time to time. A quick email to the team, problem sorted within a couple of hrs. Great Job Guys

FYS Airconditioning

FYS Air Conditioning

I must say that since we started using it, it has made things much easier to manage and has also impressed our clients.
From their perspective, it gives a professional image when they see the app being used during a job and they sign the sheet at the end.

D & T Electrical Service

Dino Tarca, Adelaide, Australia

We have only been using the system for a short time (May 2012) and within that period the major benefit we have found is that as each job is done, the fieldworker has to log his/her time and materials.
This, in turn, allows office processes to become much more efficient as completed jobs are billed immediately, instead of having to wait for the paperwork to arrive at the office.
This allows jobs to be completed and finalised in the office system much faster. Also having to input time/material daily or per job, means the field worker does not have to remember what was used or how much time was spent at the job the next day - everyone within our business is happy about this.

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