As a frequent user of our Job Tracking system ourselves, we noticed that we had to scroll to the bottom of the page quite regularly in order to select the required action at the bottom of the section.

Now we have come up with an easier way to navigate the system and access the sections and actions without having to scroll down the page all the time.


As you can see in the image below, we have added two side bars, one on the left (to access the different sections of the system) and on on the right (holding all relevant actions for the active section).

The new side-bars also offers you the ability to choose what section you want to open after logging in. Up until now, an empty job card was loaded, but for some it might be easier to get a list of all outstanding jobs, or the timesheet.

walk-through assistant

Another really handy tool we have added is the walk-through assistant. Using the drop-down you can select what walk-through you wish to complete and the system will take you by the hand, going through each required step.
We will be adding more walk-throughs as we go, bu if you are eager to see specific walk-through, please get in touch with us and we will prioritise your choice.

enabling the side-bars

The side-bars are not enabled by default for existing users, if you wish to enable the side-bars, please follow the following steps.
  • Open the system settings using the little gear icon at the right-bottom. (this is only available if you have the user rights to do so, please contact your system administrator to enable the side-bars)
  • Scroll down to the Application parameter Sidebars and select either YES or enter a 1 (one).
  • The save the settings, and the side-bars will appear.