Health and Safety

The Job Tracking system Health & Safety integration consists of two parts, firstly a Health & Safety checklist to be completed on jobs, but also the ability to report incidents.

But first, make sure you have enabled the Health & Safety system parameter in the System settings

Checklists and Incidents

Checklists and Incident forms consist of a unique name, type, and an (unlimited) number of questions.

For each question, there is the question itself, the type, options, whether an answer is required, and a group.

The following question types can be added:

  • [CHECK]
    This gives you the OK, ACTION, and N/A options. When ACTION is chosen, action needs to be entered.
  • [CHOICE]
    This allows you to enter your own options to choose from.
  • [TEXT]
    This allows entering a single text line.
    Using this allows for entering a multi-line comment.


Health & Safety checklist

Create your own Health & Safety checklists.

You can create multiple checklists to select from in the jobs.


Health & Safety checklist preview

Preview the checklist, a signature field will automatically added to the checklist.

Incident form

Health & Safety incident report form

Create your own Health & Safety incident forms.

Health and Safety incident forms are available on the mobile to complete at any time.

Job checklist

Health & Safety selection on job

Once you have created (a number of) checklists, you can use them to assign to a Job, depending on Job type and whether it is required for the job.

Job checklist in action

Please note that completing Health & Safety checklists and Incident forms are only available on Mobile access.

Whenever a checklist is selected on a job, it will automatically pop up when opening the job on your mobile device.

Easy to use

Completing a checklist on the mobile device has been made very easy to use.
Next to the questions from the checklist, the system will also require a signature to approve the completion of the checklist.

PDF report

Once the checklist is completed, a PDF document will be created and linked to the selected Job. The PDF document includes the date of completion as well as the name of the person completing the checklist (the user who is logged in to the system).

Health & Safety PDF report