Repeat jobs

Never forget a maintenance job again!

Whenever you mark a job to be repeated
you can set the number of days,
weeks, or years to repeat.

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Don't let your clients down!

Get notified when maintenance is due

Repeat jobs are especially great for regular maintenance jobs and check-ups. Simply enter the number and the repeat period.

For example, to repeat a Job every 3 months, enter a 3 for the amount and select MONTH(S) for the period.

The system will automatically show a list of Jobs that are due to be repeated, and a single click will instantly create a new Job taking details from the repeated Job.

Set repeat job

Select the repeat number of days, months, or years. This will create the first job, once closed the system will 'keep it in mind'.

Set repeat job

Repeat job notification

Once the due date for the repeat job (two weeks prior) is approaching, a message at the 'new job' page is showing up.

Repeat job notification

Create repeat job

A single click on 'repeat' from the repeat notification will instantly create a repeat job with all details from the original job.

Job repeated
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